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even angels fall

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My name is Vexatively.
But call me Vex.

I'm just starting out in terms of writing, but I think I'm getting the hang of things. I currently hang out in the Inuyasha fandom, and intend to stay there for quite a while. Except now I'm helplessly in love with Twilight, too. I got my name randomly, from the 'Random Word Generator', where you had to plug in at least two characters and the rest of the word is literally randomly generated, using probabilities of letters appearing next to each other and something called a 'Markov chain'. A random topic, for a random person with a random nickname on LiveJournal... fitting, right?

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“There’ll always be another headless corpse, but true love comes around maybe once.”
-- Perry White

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Buyo is Feline Love.

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